Our beta launch was on 13 December 2019.

Please visit THE EDEX LEARNING PORTAL for tutorials.


  1. Don’t leave comments in this website as we do not monitor this website for support issues.
  2. Check the correct email for support below.
  3. Beware of scammers asking for your passwords
  4. Our EDEX Support Team will never ask for your passwords.

EDEX Support Team

Email: helpdesk@edexchange.ioThis is the official email for EDEX Support. Users can send emails to helpdesk@edexchange.io
Website: https://edexchange.ioWarning: Please ensure the website name is correct.
Notices:https://notices.edexchange.ioUsers are reminded to read the important announcements.
Support Hours:9AM to 6PM (GMT+1). Mondays to Fridays only. Excludes bank holidays.
Email:support@edexchange.ioThis is the EDEX System Account for notifications only. (DO NOT SEND EMAILS TO THIS ADDRESS support@edexchange.io)

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