Please take note that EDC and ETH addresses are unique (even though they may start with the same 0x address). Users are responsible for their own funds. Users shall ensure the correct address is used for their deposits and withdrawals. We will not be responsible for the following scenarios: Users mistakenly sends EDC balances toContinue reading “CORRECT WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS FOR EDC AND ETH”


After much deliberation with our engineers and management team at and to ensure funds are secure, EDEX encourages users to withdraw XLM to a XLM address that you own (with official STELLAR wallets). We do not support direct XLM withdrawals from EDEX to Exchanges / Wallets that require a MEMO ID. You may find officialContinue reading “29 JANUARY 2020 (2.20PM GMT) STELLAR (XLM) WITHDRAWAL ISSUES – NEW UPDATES”

Proper Escalation of Support Issues

Dear Users, we will not entertain support issues via Whatsapp, Telegram, any chat apps or SMS. To prevent scammers from impersonating our Support team members, take note that all support problems must be sent to the correct channels. Do not send passwords to our Support team. The correct support channels are as follows: 1. EmailContinue reading “Proper Escalation of Support Issues”

ETH Withdrawals to Smart Contract ETH Addresses

Currently we don’t support withdrawals (from EDEX) to external (ETH) smart contract addresses due to security reasons. We will look into this with our engineers to see how we could further provide a better experience for our users. In the meantime please withdraw to a normal Ethereum (ETH) addresses. Q: What are normal Ethereum (ETH)Continue reading “ETH Withdrawals to Smart Contract ETH Addresses”

Protect Yourself from Scams

At EDEXCHANGE, we dedicate a lot of time, sweat and blood to detecting and preventing fraud from bad actors. Unfortunately, scammers can be super smart and trick you into handing them the passwords of your account. In order to stay safe, remember these two important things: •           Never give out your phone number, two factorContinue reading “Protect Yourself from Scams”