We wish to inform our beloved Edexchange users that our BTC Module is back to normal.
Meaning you can do BTC withdrawal and deposit on the platform as usual.
Please do note that our Engineering team is still working on all other pending issues.
Thank you so much for your patience and relentless support.

TRADES: Normal.

Reminder to all users: We will not be responsible for losses due to wrong withdrawal addresses or hacks to your own devices. There are reports of increased malware attacks on all internet users. The viruses and malware will steal all your passwords and 2FA codes. Reference : https://www.komando.com/security-privacy/nasty-malware-steals-banking-passwords/737608/

Users are reminded to install antivirus on their devices. Internet security is a shared responsibility. Reference: https://notices.edexchange.io/2020/02/19/d00006-protect-yourself-from-malware-or-the-clipper-virus-android-ios-windows/

Problems? you can still reach us at helpdesk@edexchange.io

3 thoughts on “16 NOVEMBER 2020. BTC MODULE UPDATE

  1. My transfer of EDC to Edexchange on 15th of November is still on the Pending Column. Please move it to my Wallet Balance Column. It has taken a long time. This is unusual.


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