We will not be responsible for losses due to wrong withdrawal addresses or hacks to your own devices.

There are reports of increased malware attacks on all internet users. The viruses and malware will steal all your passwords and 2FA codes.

Reference : https://www.komando.com/security-privacy/nasty-malware-steals-banking-passwords/737608/

Users are reminded to install antivirus on their devices. Internet security is a shared responsibility.

Reference: https://notices.edexchange.io/2020/02/19/d00006-protect-yourself-from-malware-or-the-clipper-virus-android-ios-windows/

We have begun upgrades and enhancements to our overall IT infrastructure. This will incur higher costing in terms of human capital and financial capital to our company. Your funds are safe.

Withdrawals will be approved in batches. Please stay tuned as we continue to manage these issues around the clock.

We apologise for the inconvenience and our Global Engineering Team is currently monitoring the situation.

Problems? you can still reach us at helpdesk@edexchange.io

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