Update: 3 APRIL 2020


At EDEX, we are committed to providing a positive environment where everyone can be a successful contributor. To that end, each of us should expect, and has a responsibility to uphold, a workplace and culture that are free of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, abusive conduct, and retaliation.

This policy applies to conduct by and towards many types of individuals, regardless of immigration status, including but not limited to, applicants, employees (including interns, co-workers, supervisors, and managers), 3TP (temporary and vendor workers, independent contractors), customers, clients and other third parties, at work and at work-related social events, such as office parties, off-sites, and client entertainment events.

Employees who are found to have violated this policy are subject to discipline, including but not limited to: coaching, training, a verbal warning, a written warning, impact to performance ratings, impact to compensation, or termination of employment.

3TPs (temporary and vendor workers, independent contractors) are also expected to abide by this policy and behave appropriately when on our premises or at events interacting with our employees or one another. Policy violations by 3TPs may result in actions such as removal from the premises or termination of a business contract.

Visitors, clients, customers and other third parties are expected to conduct themselves appropriately as well, when on our premises or at our events or when interacting with our employees or 3TPs. If you observe behavior by a third party on company property, at a company event or interacting with our employees or 3TPs that appears inappropriate or that otherwise violates this policy, please speak up via the support channels on email. Any behavior that is inappropriate or otherwise violates this policy may result in actions such as removal from the premises or event or termination of a business contract.

Additionally, EDEX may take into account and review allegations of behavior that occur outside the course of employment, to the extent permitted by law, where EDEX determines such conduct may materially affect the workplace. This policy defines problematic conduct, explains where it can be reported, and describes how concerns are handled and EDEX’s policy against retaliation. It is subject to local laws.


Harassment is unwelcome conduct (physical, verbal or non-verbal) based on an individual’s protected status that creates an environment that is intimidating, hostile, or abusive, or a situation where enduring such conduct is a condition of employment. Harassment can be one severe incident or a series of less severe incidents.

In addition, harassment can range from extreme forms such as violence, threats, or physical touching to less obvious actions like ridiculing, teasing, or jokes based on a co-worker’s protected status.

Sexual harassment is addressed separately below. Other types of harassment may include the following types of conduct:

derogatory or insensitive jokes, pranks, or comments;

slurs or epithets;

nonverbal behavior such as staring, leering, or gestures;

ridiculing or demeaning comments;

innuendos or veiled threats;

displaying or sharing offensive images such as posters, videos, photos, cartoons,

screensavers, emails, or drawings that are derogatory;

offensive comments about appearance, or other personal or physical characteristics, such as comments on someone’s physical disability or religious attire; or

unnecessary or unwanted bodily contact such as blocking normal movement, or physically interfering with the work of another individual.

This list of examples is not exhaustive, and there may be other behaviors that constitute unacceptable harassment under the policy. All employees have an obligation to comply with this policy and if you observe or become aware of conduct that might violate this policy, you should immediately report it. EDEX may consider conduct to be a violation of this policy even if it falls short of unlawful harassment under applicable law.

Standards of Conduct

EDEX holds employees to the highest standards of ethics and conduct to maintain a healthy, fun and collaborative environment. We expect EDEXrs to work cooperatively with co-workers, 3TPs, clients, and visitors (including applicants), and maintain basic standards of civility and respect. We strongly believe that EDEXrs expect the same. We at EDEX also have a legal responsibility to maintain a work environment free of unlawful harassment as well as an interest in maintaining our collaborative environment. All employees have an obligation to comply with this policy, and if you observe or become aware of conduct that might violate this policy, you should immediately report it.

Workplace investigations

When we learn about a potential violation of our Terms and Conditions, [] it’s our job and obligation to investigate. If a violation of policy or law is found as a result of that investigation, we will take timely appropriate action. Our goal is to create a safe and respectful work environment where everyone can come and do their best work.

We want EDEX to be a great place to work, and we take workplace concerns seriously when they are brought to our attention. If you see or experience something that doesn’t feel right, please speak up or email us at

Problems? you can still reach us at

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